Volunteers are what make these races possible!  As the racers garner all the glory as they speed on through the finish, the volunteers are really the true heroes of the event.  But, the well kept secret is that volunteering can really be as much fun, if not more, than racing!  These races are all about community, and volunteering is a way to give to that community.  Plus, volunteering will earn you a discounted race entry to the series in the future!  Some races might even offer a free lift ticket for the day, or some sweet schwag.  It's also  a great way to learn about the sport and see a different side of the races.  If you have a partner racing, are injured, or just want a chill day, volunteering keeps you in the excitement of the event.

Typically, we need help with:
-Course setting (evening prior or early morning)
-Registration/bib pickup
-Course Marshalling
-Post race festivities
-Headquarters Management

Interested in volunteering, or would like to hear more about it?  Please email richard@snowgoatskimo.com with "Volunteering" in the subject, or fill out the form below.  Thanks; we couldn't do it without you!

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